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Basic Wash

At our Wilmington-based mobile detailing service, a Basic Wash is far more than just a simple cleaning job.

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We blend superior-quality, eco-friendly cleansing agents with specialized techniques designed to effectively break down and lift off dirt, grime, and environmental pollutants without damaging the vehicle’s finish. 

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that from the top of the roof to each wheel, your car regains its brilliant cleanliness and lustrous shine after every wash.

A routine basic wash is essential, not merely for maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also for safeguarding its long-term integrity and value. 

Regular washing prevents the build-up of harmful substances which can eat away at paint and undercarriage components. We complete the process with a thorough drying using soft, microfiber towels that prevent water spots and streaking, ensuring a spotless finish. 

Opt for our Basic Wash service in Wilmington to keep your vehicle looking great and protected from the elements year-round.

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