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Exterior Detailing

Our Exterior Detailing service in Wilmington offers an unparalleled transformation of your vehicle’s appearance.

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We start with a meticulous hand wash using pH-balanced shampoos followed by a careful drying process. 

Next, tar, bugs, and tree sap are removed with precision. We then apply a high-quality wax or sealant, enriching the color of the paintwork and providing a durable protective barrier against sun, salt, and pollutants.

The detailing doesn’t stop there; we also focus on the finer details, including wheel cleaning where we remove brake dust and polish the rims, dressing the tires to restore their rich black look and protect them from cracking. 

Chrome fixtures are polished, and windows are cleaned to a streak-free finish. When you choose our exterior detailing package in Wilmington, expect nothing less than a transformative result with lasting benefits.

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